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I don't know,but...
« on: July 20, 2016, 10:12:12 AM »
coming back,returning,from where to what?
I seem to have been propelled,into a perpetual intermediate state of limbo
aimlessly wandering,never to really find a home
Now I'm here and once what was thought to be catching up was really being leaving others behind
it is they that seek to know now
I know not the reason,only that its happened
it was not without a price
what was gained has none
its no more construed than explaining God to a roach
in what manner is this that it should find its own way as ever to that which ears it befalls on
to whom the wonder can never be contained-never restrained
in the solitary eye is everything
The one-in each his own
To take this ever present journey home

Your point-of view-your angle.You can figure or put a mathematical formula to it in terms of numbers,but then spend your entire life theorizing that point as your philosophy to others and yourself.

Your design on Life