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cwazy wabbits
« on: June 19, 2017, 07:23:54 AM »
they seem to be everywhere playing tag
and the cat doesn't care
a pair of falcons nested high on a ledge
graceful seagulls
surveying for easy leftovers
every morning they fly west
returning east at sunset
morning light illuminating canopy
under blue sky of love
nature never gets old
a girl paddling her skateboard
toy buildings
air-brushed clouds
blue gold silver white
a prism has appeared
like a ribbon in the sky
i think its going to rain soon
everything loves the rain
little black arrow sky dancers
pigeons and songbirds
yesterday hot and humid
today a cool gentle breeze
no jewel ever mined compares
to the glorious colors and hues
of this nature
life giving oxygen
and magical waters
city in the distance
millions of cars burning
to the office by 9 am
financial capital
investment fund
corporate oligarchy
debt management
slaughtered, modified and packaged
for your convenience
the humanity of progress
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