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« on: February 25, 2017, 10:16:30 AM »
Yesterday I had an experience three times that is very vivid and worries me about my oldest sister. But given how all the synchs are in interplay now it also means that something is going on at the level of this country related to the story.

Synch with "Molly"

The name Molly is related to my mother as it was one of her given names. It was also the name I through out about finding the old man we met that married my eldest sister and took family inheritance. (Related to synch with this administration.) So when I hear the name Molly I think it is something to do with my eldest sister and in the bigger picture disagreeing loved ones in the GOP party. We are all family! So not only could this synch be that my sister is in trouble but also that those finding out something in the GOP are also targeted.

Pam and I were driving home the day before yesterday and I was thinking about my sister at the moment NPR quoted a line from a movie.

Molly... You in danger girl.

Then last night Pam and I were watching Steven Colbert and he brought out a puppy named Molly and explained that Molly had found out the "secret" Start at 3:16min

After calling my other sisters about it Pam and I had the third synch while listening to the latest Caroline Casey on KPFA said
Oh Molly, Oh Molly!!
So I looked it up and here it is.
American Folk ~ murdered bride traditional.............