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Dove on a Branch:

--- Quote from: "Mt. Memory" ---So much going on and so many things connecting.

So when I heard about the chemical attack I felt that IF it is Assad, then I felt the same feeling I had with Kim Jong il. (three months before his death I posted that.)
http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2011/12/bet ... ng-ii.html

And then I saw my old friend off on a trip from Milton Florida to the Ozarks in Mountain Home Ark. (spoke over the phone) He does not want to go through what he has to go through and that makes a few synchs may be about him. He BELIEVES something about the future. I just messaged him to stop if he gets tired.

Yet another synch with today's date
Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:40 am

--- Quote ---Isaac - Laughing - Mockery

The Coming Humiliation of those that are right by INTERPRETATION Predicted Aug 29th 2007

I remember when I was rejected by everyone and the SPIRIT told me to laugh while I was in Death Valley at the lowest point.

http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2012/04/las ... point.html

I understood the laughing
--- End quote ---

Also this was posted on Aug 27th, 2012

--- Quote ---A powerful EVENT is immanent and related to the summer events storms etc. (presumption of humans) of the past few years that lead into powerful economic disturbances in September. All of what we have shared was to reach folks concerning these events so that the transition from mental interpretation to trust in SPIRIT could occur.
--- End quote ---

Many will see then the value in getting this message out to them before the EVENT.

contemptuous ridicule or mockery.
--- End quote ---

Syria hails 'historic American retreat' as Obama hesitates

--- Quote ---By Yara Bayoumy and Thomas Ferraro

BEIRUT/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Syria hailed an "historic American retreat" on Sunday, mockingly accusing President Barack Obama of hesitation and confusion after he delayed a military strike to consult Congress.
--- End quote ---

See now how we as Americans experience what the synchs were and how I was treated on the boards!!!

Dove on a Branch:
More ORANGE SUNSET synchs and the "scene" coming soon.


Dove on a Branch:

Looks like Three Mushroom Clouds
Yesterday while walking near the point the above picture was taken I passed by two tanks that said lightning on one, and thunder on the other. Strange, storm clouds were forming and soon it began to sprinkle. The clouds were so different and beautiful and soon Pam showed up in the car and we decided to walk the trail I had found by some delta islands and the new community. As I prepared to post about the lightning and thunder synchs we were watching an old movie and the lightning and thunder occurred and the lights went out. The girl in the movie said she was afraid of lightning and thunder and after lighting a candle. Her mean mother was beating her cat in the dark and the girl accidentally killed her mother in rage but covered it up. http://http://www.noiroftheweek.com/2005/12/strange-love-of-martha-ivers-1946.html

--- Quote ---Later that night, with a thunderstorm raging outside, Sam Masterson returns to Martha's bedroom, entering the house by climbing through an upstairs window. There is still time for the teenagers to make the circus train if they hurry. Walter O'Neil, the son of Martha's tutor is present when the two begin to plan their getaway. A lightening strike knocks out the electricity in the house and when the aunt climbs the grand staircase to investigate a ruckus upstairs, something happens to change the lives of all three of the adolescents.
--- End quote ---

So the movie is continuing and the district attorney is helping hide sins of the past of the woman and so they begin using the law in a manner it should not be used to setup others.

--- Quote ---Quote

--- Quote ---I don't like to be pushed around, I don't like people I like to be pushed around
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUMe-wVi ... re=youtube
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqOf82fy ... re=youtube
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBd-x29M ... re=youtube
I felt very vindicated in what occurred on another site yesterday that is all I will say.......

Those are some strange looking clouds.

Dove on a Branch:

--- Quote from: "Spearhead" ---Those are some strange looking clouds.
--- End quote ---

I have to agree! The whole day was very other worldly  to me yesterday.

Mt. Memory Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2013

--- Quote ---As I read this thread for the first time I came upon this year 1931 and it was being spoken of at that very moment in the Ford documentary on the tv and I also have synchs relative to This summer up to Sept 19th
--- End quote ---

Pam and I were at Target before I got home and looked up my post about September. My sister Lydia called and wanted to know if our father was born in 1928 or 1932,,, I said 1931. This date came up three times today also. But the September synch speaks of the Aug 26th Storm beginning and an event in September.
Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012

--- Quote ---A powerful EVENT is immanent and related to the summer events storms etc. (presumption of humans) of the past few years that lead into powerful economic disturbances in September. All of what we have shared was to reach folks concerning these events so that the transition from mental interpretation to trust in SPIRIT could occur.
--- End quote ---
September 10th 2011 Explosion of Passion!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaboom!!! 1931 logan explosions related to dad
I also feel that the synch with the stockmarket crash exactly Sept 27th posted 2006 is to also play this sept.

Also the Japanese invasion of Manchuria Sept 19th 1931 I was attracted to this event today.

Reaching You to the Heart that You might also be a part of reaching our loved ones about the message of SPIRIT is also related to the The Celestial Conversion September 2013.
When the light of the SPIRIT is focused on anything, we find that all things are true.

--- Quote ---you know that right before a powerful storm is about to occur, there’s usually an inexplicable stillness that precedes it.
This is a similar type of stillness that many of us are noticing right now. However, the ‘tornado’ in this case is not something to fear, but rather something to embrace. A tornado is simply an energy vortex in motion, and it’s safe to say we could use this kind of vortex in the collective at this time so that a more conscious way of living can emerge.
It’s all about how we choose to react to this energy vortex; our reaction decides what our experience of it will be. When we react from a place of fear, worry, or mindlessness, we place ourselves on the outer edge of this vortex where the most discomfort and struggle happens. When we react from a place of calm, love and mindfulness, we place ourselves at the center – also known as the ‘eye’ of the vortex – where the most ease, grace and stillness happens. Being in the center of the vortex also assures us that we are operating from a mindful place which is the most powerful space we can be in.
--- End quote ---

http://http://www.stephentree.com/scarletandtom/     More on September

--- Quote ---__Freedom in the Spirit was necessary to get lost enough to have this experience that led to the growing intention and relationship with Spirit.

But instead of the law there is a PASSION AND LOVE FOR PURPOSE.

http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/in ... t_pyramid/

This pyramid was built by love

Ok folks here is the kicker, for tonight we began to watch this movie and this vision of passion came upon me related to the movie. I then remember the post I had

EXPLOSION OF PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a post exactly one year ago that matched the synchronicity I am having right now in my living room with Pam.

Now for the next synch this night


And this brick synch is also related to this period as it was posted Sept 3rd to the 15th of Sept 2007

These synchs were prepared by the Spirit that is MY LIFE for THIS MOMENT!

Another synch Sept 8th 2010 with

Passion, love, attraction,
This post is also related to Turkey where I lived for a while and is in the news at this moment.

Another Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 6:21 am
As I opened the door a flock of Geese Screamed above my head
Passion and Your enemies Wink
Sept 14th, 2010

Passion and Something is Burning the dates related to this summer and this growing passion.

Two movies that were synchs with understanding this life change we had watched lately.

The Sheltering Sky


Don't be afraid of broken hearts, least of all Your own
The power of the Spirit to change lives
--- End quote ---
Then going along with the synch about "the Story" and telling our stories I walked by a Redbox and decided to check the movies and "The Stories We Tell " about a family and their story was there so I thought I would watch it. Will post back later as to any synchs related to the story synch.
This story is from Sept 5 2007 and is very much related to right now.


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